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How to Have a Happy Tummy!

Are you dealing with digestive difficulties? Starla recently talked with Dr. Jeff Essen on the subject "Digestion, Top to Bottom". Read on for some highlights.

The video is about 50 minutes long, and is full of interesting tidbits! If you are wanting to know more about the digestive process in general, you should start at the beginning. If you don't have time for that, here are some highlights, and the number of minutes into the presentation (so you can jump straight to it). Click HERE to go to the video on YouTube. Acid Reflux/GERD --11 min. H. Pylori (ulcers) --12 min. Did you know your small intestine produces hormones? --15 min. SIBO Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth; immune response, over sensitivity to foods --18 min. Chronic Constipation --21 min. Gallstones --23:30 min. Parasites; Infections; Appendix has an important role --26 min Colon and diarrhea --29 min. You can have a drunk reaction without drinking any alcohol --31:30 min. Microbiome: You have 5 pounds of bacteria in your gut, and it can affect your personality and willpower --35:30 min. Review; Citrus Essential oils are good to diffuse at mealtime; Don't eat in a rush --38:30 min. DIY tips; antacids; vitamin U (ever heard of that one??); aloe for stomach --44 min. Alkalised water, yes or no? --49:30 min. Most of us (unfortunately!) have had digestive difficulties at one time or another. Since it is such a critical component to good health, we do well to learn a thing or two to make it easier on ourselves.

We usually have Immune Max, as well as Duo Vitamin D3/K2 (not pictured) on hand. Give us a call or message us if you like to stop by to pick some up or have it mailed to you.

Don't forget, we have an acupuncturist here on Wednesdays, and a massage therapist on Thursdays and Fridays.

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