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What many come in complaining of

  • Pain that impacts productivity and joy

  • Constantly feeling uncomfortable, bloated, constipated

  • Struggles with anxiety and nervousness that just keep escalating

  • Moodiness, irritability, and insomnia

  • Premature aging (both internally and externally)

  • Auto-immune conditions

  • Unexplainable weight gain/Inability to lose weight

What many end up feeling after their care with BHN

  • More mobility, less pain, and increased well-being

  • Digestive wellness and a certain “lightness,” and better quality of life

  • An increased ability to cope and handle what the day throws at you

  • More extended and deep periods of rest as well as more joy, and well-being

  • Healthier skin, nails, and hair as well as more energy, stamina, and vitality

  • More energy, less pain, and a lessening in frequency and duration of crisis periods

  • After addressing their cause (whether its hormonal, thyroid, emotional, or other) they can finally shed what they haven’t been able to

We know these conditions can be difficult, but you are NOT ALONE! We want to put you back in the driver's seat. Biofeedback Screening Technology can help identify imbalanced areas in your body, helping you regain well-being! We'll help you to see where you can address your health, nourish your body, and increase your health and energy.

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5 Clean Eating Hacks

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Welcome!  I'm Starla Weichman. I am your "Go-to Wellness Professional" in Iowa for identifying underlying root causes of illness. I offer a variety of services to help people, just like you, who want to uncover the "why" to their symptoms and finally regain their health and vitality!

As a Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, I am committed to offering natural and holistic health approaches to wellness.  My programs are customized to the meet the needs of each person I have the pleasure of meeting.


You're not alone in turning to whatever you call holistic medicine. Increasing numbers of people are discovering its exceptional long-term value. We're dedicated to helping you navigate this "natural world" with professional insight into the therapies, products, and modalities available.


We're located in Ottumwa, IA, but with virtual screenings available for all. Please don't hesitate to schedule an appointment and start down the path to better health today.

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Our journey with alternative healthcare began when my parents were diagnosed with cancer.  After traditional therapy failed, we decided to look into alternative therapies.  We knew there had to be better options out there.  A friend suggested they send their samples to a technician to have MSA testing done.  When the results came back, we were amazed.  It showed the underlying problems that needed to addressed before the body could start to heal itself.  Before long, the entire family wanted to get tested!   


We decided we wanted to make this technology available in our area.  So we decided to purchase a machine and get the needed training to start helping others feel better.  We receive ongoing education to keep current with the latest updates and products.  From the very beginning, we had clients telling us how much better they felt!!


On a personal note, my son has suffered from eczema and psoriasis since he was one year old.  We went to every specialist that we could.  It never got any better.  His poor hands were so miserable he couldn't move them some days because they would crack open and bleed.  I felt so helpless.  Finally the testing showed that he had a food sensitivity!!  After taking him off that particular food, his hands are back to normal.


As for myself, I felt like I was just fine, I didn't need anything.  My mom insisted that I get tested.  She is not the type of person that you say "no" to, so I did.  It showed adrenal fatigue.  In fact, the adrenal glands were barely working!  I couldn't believe how much better I felt after getting the needed support!  I just thought I was tired because I had two small kids and that was how I was suppose to feel.  I was tired all the time.  When the kids took their nap, I did too.  Now, looking back, I am so glad that I got tested when I did.  I feel great!​  


We truly enjoy helping others feel better NATURALLY!


If you’d like to start your health journey, book a FREE Health Strategy Session with me! We can discuss your health history, your current obstacles, and where you’d like to see yourself! Your healthy, vibrant future is in front of you, and it all starts with just one free phone call!

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