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Client Reviews

Here's what our satisfied clients are saying:

Tricia N. - TX


Our son was born in 2008. He was a perfectly healthy baby, a little jaundice, but met all his milestones, clapped, laughed, played peek-a-boo & walked by 10 months. The happiest little smiley guy parents could ever hope for, & was as laid back as they come, never turning his nose up at any food offered and was socially excepting to anyone, sleeping through every night. By 12-14 months we started noticing a decline in his abilities to discover the world around him, he would stare and seemed frustrated with communicating his thoughts or feelings, causing a negative physical outburst or 'tantrum.' Luckily I was teaching his older sister ASL and he picked it up as his form of communication as his verbal skills depleted to 1-2 word sentences. He swallowed hard & deliberately, almost painful, needing to concentrate & focus doing one thing at a time. His fine motor skills in grasping objects or even being held disappeared. He had slight nystagmus of the eyes & would be in his own 'bubble' world ignoring anyone or anything, sometimes rocking in a chair or bouncing his head off the couch. Loud noises, bright sunlight, a crowded room or anyone getting with-in his 'bubble' would send him into a downward spiral of crying, pinching, hitting. He very rarely slept for more than 4 hours at a time & would wander around the house in the middle of the night, his brain seemed to be in overdrive constantly. He stopped eating well & became extremely picky; not using a spoon but scooping with his hands. He was finally diagnosed at age 2 with PDD- Pervasive Development Disorder and we started every therapy we could manage, devoting most of our time & $ to him. Because of the success I personally had years prior with Electro Dermal Screening that provided me with a personalized homeopathic program fitting my body to the correct vitamins, herbs, & formula and enabled me to beat my health condition; we decided to do the same for our little boy. The alternative was continual prescription drugs to keep him in a 'paralysis' induced state. Having worked in the pharmaceutical world & experiencing the negative side effects myself, I jumped at the chance to figure out what my little mans body was in desperate need of to enable him to come back to us through this widely used progressive technique. The results were mind blowingly accurate! We started him on the fitted formula & before long our friends & family started commenting how they were noticing his speech; social response and body movement getting better. For myself, hearing him tell me 'Mommy, I love you' all by himself was enough, but he still continues to progress more & more everyday. He has actual short conversations with us now and is basically a normal, active little boy.  He is now soon to be 5 & still under the PDD diagnosis, but I feel with all my heart  that the natural route of finding specifics of your own body's issues & providing it with what it needs can improve the well being of not only your own happiness, but those close to you. Our bodies struggle with the fast pace society of today burdened with environmental & man made toxins. It is very refreshing to combat it with our very own choice of this healthy living. I am forever grateful to 'Be Healthy Naturally...'

Sarah Brooks, Lic. Ac. M.A.


My experience with EDS and Starla has been amazing. As an acupuncturist, I am always looking for quality adjunct therapies for myself and for my patients. I love Starla's work because it is so specific. EDS can find the exact cause and then the exact homeopathic remedy making this form of natural medicine very accurate, which is a powerful combination with the acupuncture. I have seen benefits from it in many areas including weight loss, lyme disease, hormone management, energy level, digestive troubles, and more! I recommend Starla to my patients frequently. 

C.C., IA


With the testing and products used I feel so much better!  I was feeling so run down and exhausted for many years.  I knew something wasn't right with my body but didn't know just how off balance my body was!  I used to have to drink coffee and eat sugar all day just to have enough energy to get simple household chores done.  Now after testing and implementing life style changes and using the products I feel better than I have in 14 years!
It has been an eye opening journey.  Getting to know the root cause of the  issues I had and having the ability to fix it has brought great peace of mind.  Feeling good again has been so worth it!

Katherine Main


Be Healthy Naturally has made an incredibly difference in the way I'm living today.  I had been to several doctors for back pain, muscle aches that just would NOT go away and bladder problems.  I was truly at my wits end and had put on a significant amount of weight from feeling so worn down.  After receiving my analysis and following through with the recommended supplements...well...I fell like the TIN MAN on the Wizard of Oz.  My joints and muscles feel like I've just been oiled up and my energy level has increased an unbelievable amount.  I work as a dispatcher and I can even tell that my ability to focus and multitask has improved.  I have taken off  approximately 15 pounds without much effort and my bladder problems subsided.  I've told many people about the testing and supplements and I would highly recommend that everyone be tested.  Nature has many benefits that we so often pass by. :)

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