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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the testing process?

The QEST4 software contains digitally-encoded information relating to a large number of health-related factors. These range across anatomy and physiology, body chemistry, medicines, nutrients and pathogens, mental and emotional factors, metabolic processes, and more. During a test, a set of these "signatures," chosen by the practitioner, are output in rapid succession by the QEST4 hardware as electromagnetic signals. Using a simple and safe low voltage circuit formed by holding two brass cylinders, the response of the body to those signals is recorded. The response being measured is small changes in the electrical resistance of the skin. This information is relayed back to the software. A report is generated on the computer of any responses that are outside specified limits. If you're interested in taking the next step toward natural health wellness in Ottumwa, IA, set up an appointment today!

What is the nature of the information obtained?

Running a QEST4 test is an example of a process that we call bio-energetic testing. Bio-energetic (or just "energetic") testing is effectively asking the body-mind a question and obtaining the response directly from a physiological signal. This form of testing does not engage with the conscious and language centers of the mind. It is helpful to make some comparisons to other techniques that go part of the way towards this. Many people will be familiar with muscle testing, or kinesiology. This is another form of bio-energetic testing applied by health practitioners. In kinesiology, the question is often asked verbally or the subject may hold an object or substance that is being tested. The response is measured by changes in the contractile strength of the skeletal muscles, checked manually by the tester. These examples bear similarities to QEST4 testing, but QEST4 testing goes one step further. The challenges or questions are presented as micropower radio signal output, rather than in words. Learn more about this method of homeopathic medicine in Ottunwa, IA when you call us today.

What does energetic mean in regards to energetic testing?

The word "energetic" does not relate to energy in the strict sense that a physicist would mean it. Instead, we are using the term loosely to refer to aspects of human functioning that are not just biomechanical (e.g. joints, muscles, and motion) and biochemical (e.g. nutrients, proteins, hormones, and oxidation). The functioning of the human body is governed by informational signals. Some of these, such as the instructions for making proteins encoded in DNA, are recognized by modern science. The epigenetic factors – how our experiences in life affect gene expression – are just beginning to be understood. It is likely that there are many other communication mechanisms at work that have yet to be explained scientifically. Biology is a very young science. The existence of control mechanisms beyond genetic determinism is not seriously disputed by modern science, but its implications have not filtered through to medicine in practice. This is a result of resistance to change, and it is not yet clear how to employ the knowledge in systematic treatment programs. Our efforts in energetic testing are a step toward a better understanding of ailments such as adrenal fatigue in Ottumwa, IA.

Is this the same as bio-resonance?

Yes. Bio-resonance systems operate along the same principle, although many of them are much more limited in their application than QEST4. Resonance and "frequency" are often used interchangeably. We prefer the term "energetic signatures" as in truth, the recorded and encoded signal may interact with the consciousness in a more complex way than a single frequency or simple wave-form. Call us today if you're interested in homeopathic medicine in Ottumwa, IA.

Is the QEST4 a diagnostic device?

No, but let us be clear about definitions here. "Diagnosis" is derived from a Greek word meaning "discern or distinguish." In the modern medical context, this means to take a set of symptoms presented by a patient and state that they fit better into the category of disease A, disease B, or, perhaps, disease C. In this way, the medical practitioner can choose the appropriate treatment. However, this methodology requires the practitioner to get it right because the treatment for disease A might have negative consequences for a disease B patient, especially if it is surgical. QEST4 testing does indeed "discern" only in that it records a completely individual set of responses to signals. This may assist a holistic practitioner in the approach that is characteristic of such disciplines and aid in treatment for something like gut health in Ottumwa, IA. Information obtained may support you in the process of better understanding your body as a whole.

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